IMayBeMe (529)
How Computers Work - A Guide to Digital Logic
# Introduction As much as I like to wake up each morning and think that computers work through the means of magic or some seagulls with keyboards, th...
CodingEssence (125)
# How to create a "TypeWriter" Have you ever seen those programs, in which the output is "typed" out? Like, each letter is printed out one by one? If...
OldWizard209 (1601)
Complete Git, GitHub, and Version Control Tutorial with Replit.
## Introduction. This tutorial is a complete guide to get going with [Git](, GitHub, and understanding Version Contr...
MocaCDeveloper (710)
OSDev, part 2
Welcome back! This tutorial is going to be a bit different, and I will explain why! # Something New! I have done some thinking, and over the past fe...
stoporinjail (169)
Python Lesson!
Hello everyone! I have decided to make lessons for Python, right here! This might be converted into an interactive repl, depending on how it goes. Thi...
IntellectualGuy (852)
[HELP NEEDED]✨✨Big Python Tutorial✨✨
# ✨✨Hello✨There✨✨ Welcome to My ~~Boring~~ Fun 🐍🐍Python🐍🐍 Tutorial where I will be teaching YOU python. This tutorial will cover the basics of pyt...
ruiwenge2 (1102)
Flask Tutorial!
This tutorial will cover a lot about Flask and its functions. But first of all... ## What is Flask? Well, Flask is a micro web framework written in P...
OldWizard209 (1601)
🎇Node/JavaScript Crash Course 🎇 [1000 Lines]
# JavaScript Tutorial __Welcome__ to this complete [JavaScript]( tutorial, enough to get you kickstarted into learning t...
MocaCDeveloper (710)
16-bit OSDev, part 1
Hi! Boy, am I excited about this tutorial! I am going to be sharing my experience over my journey into OSDev. This isn't my first, nor second attempt...
generationXcode (529)
How I made a cryptocurrency (Eggcoin), and how you can! part 1?
# What have I made? ![image]( * I have made a crypto...
Bookie0 (6359)
How to Make a Responsive Clicker Game in HTML CSS JS 🖱
# Hello everyone! Hope you are doing well and staying safe! Welcome to a tutorial that will teach you how create your own responsive **clicker gam...
OldWizard209 (1601)
Complete Machine Learning Crash Course.
# Machine Learning Course. Welcome to the complete Machine Learning Guide. Here you will learn everything about machine learning. You will be taught h...
CoolJames1610 (774)
[] Discord Bot Web Dashboard Tutorial
# [] Discord Bot with fully functioning web dashboard! Hello everyone and today I will be going through how to make a discord bot, a websit...
CoolCoderSJ (688)
### IMPORTANT LINKS - [Interactive Online (Recommended)]( - [Non-Interactive Online](
RohilPatel (1594)
How to make a google login system in 5 minutes (updated)
# **Google Api Usage and Setup Tutorial** A while back I had made a tutorial on how to use the google api. It had recieved a lot of attention and I d...
JBloves27 (1903)
A Python Tutorial, the Basics
# 🐍 A ~~very easy~~ Python Tutorial! 🐍 ### **#Tutorial Jam** ### @elipie's jam ~~*p i n g*~~ #### Here is a basic tutorial for Python, for beginner...
Th3Coder (136)
How To Browse Privately! [+ tips and tricks]
Well, hello there! Before we start, here's the table of contents! (Credit to IntellectualGuy's [Big Python Tutorial](
JWZ6 (710)
A Crash Course In Python Turtle!
## Hi Everyone! Me and @SamiOsman will be teaching you `Python Turtle` today! I've seen many Python Turtle tutorials and they aren't exactly the best...
CyanCoding (2190)
How to Get a Repl.It Post to 1000 likes :P
Hey y'all! This isn't really a tutorial so I understand if this gets taken down. I just wanted to thank all y'all who upvoted my Brute Force Password...
Kookiez (405)
Lua Tutorial - All the Basics!
# Lua Tutorial Why hello there, this is a Lua tutorial! For those of you that have, unfortunately, never even *heard* of Lua, it is a lightweight, h...
codingjlu (474)
CSS Animation Tutorial
Take 10 minutes and read this tutorial. Then you will know how to animate with CSS!! And best of all, you barely need any CSS and HTML knowledge, and...
EpicGamer007 (1752)
Java && The ultimate tutorial to get you started
# Java ULTIMATE Tutorial #### By @EpicGamer007 formerly known as @AbhayBhat I am sure that there are many people who want to learn java either for c...
Bookie0 (6359)
📝 How to Make a Todo List! [Tutorial + Template]
# Hi!!! Welcome to a tutorial/template on how to make a Todo List Organizer in Python! Originally for @Vandesm14's Jam (sorry for ping lol), I've...
darkdarcool (135)
How to properly answer a Repltalk question.
# How to properly answer Repltalk ask questions! We all know what ReplTalk is, and while it is mainly used for sharing repls, it is also used to ask...
stoporinjail (169)
Python Tutorial - 2
Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Python tutorial. # What we will be learning: ## Lesson 2 - Lists - Imports: Random, time (basic stuff) - Dicti...
pyelias (2715)
Python Advanced Concepts Explanation
(just wrote this up in a few minutes, so there might be typos and stuff) (the reader is expected to have at least basic knowledge of python) (and prog...
Bookie0 (6359)
[1] Python Made EZ! 🐍
# Hîïíīįì everyone! Hope y'all are doing great! School is starting real soon, so I hope ~~you have been studying to get ready~~ you are enjoying the...
NotMrMan (119)
3 Rarely Used HTML Tags (and how to use them)
Here are a few useful tags that are rarely used! 1: <fieldset> The `<fieldset>` tag allows you to make a window to store HTML content in. This can h...
JBloves27 (1903)
🐍🎞️🎬 Python Animation! 🐍🎞️🎬
###### HAHAHAAH, the emoji md works! >:) # Make your own animation - Tutorial! ##### 🐍 A step by step tutorial on making a *python* animation 🐍 > Ma...
OlauPla (159)
OOP in Python
# Object-oriented programming Today I am going to talk about Object-oriented programming I will use OOP to reference it through out the tutorial. Th...