Th3OneAndOnly (6)
Want to use coffeescript in your HTML webpages on REPLit? Look no further!
Hello Everyone! This is a pretty simple tutorial, so I'm sure you'll get through it in no time! REPLit, whilst having coffeescript support, has more o...
Ghostwolf (3)
Let's code a Discord bot in JavaScript! (discord.js)
👋 Hey there! In this tutorial, I'll teach you how to create a Discord bot, which will let you add and respond with "tags" - responses that you can se...
ItamarCohen28 (10)
JavaScript Tutorial > ES6 ===> ES5 with Babel!
# What's Babel? So, I'm glad you asked! Babel is a package that transpiles ES6 code into ES5! ________________________________________________________...
SAMIRayglon (0)
This is a template for a basic discord bot, simply fork and add what you want :)
MukeshChouhan (1)
Hacker Rank - Price Check in Javascript
``` function checkPrice(products, productsPrices, productsSold, soldPrice){ let hash = {}; let count = 0; // iterate over products and ma...
Ezeeeee (0)
🇺🇸 = In this project you will find an Anti-Links command for Node.js, I hope you like it 🇪🇸 = En este proyecto se encontrara un comando de Anti-L...
MukeshChouhan (1)
sum duplcaite value from array of object and return a single Object
let arr = [ { "a": 1, "b":4, "ab": 6 }, { "m": 3, "a": 2 }, { "b": 8,...
leon332157 (283)
How to use a custom node version
### I'm sure many people have complains about's node version being old. What you can to is install node with npm, and specify the start a st...
zplusfour (887)
How to print images in the console! (JavaScript)
# Hi! Welcome to another tutoiral! today we're gonna **print images in Repl console!** Make sure you: - have a repl that's it, stick with me onto t...
shortyb (1)
discord.js tutorial bot
you can fork it if you want it can **ban** **kick** **avatar** **meme** **RIP** and thats all what it cant do is ~~mute~~ ~~warn~~ ~~unmute~~ ~~unwar...
alvisonhunter (1)
Basic JavaScript Class Implementation
#BASIC ECMA6 CLASS IMPLEMENTATION Hi Guys! You are making a text encryptor. It should take multiple words and output a combined version, where each w...
SomeBall45 (1)
Making Own Simple api
Hello beginners I want to teach you how to create a Simple API using Node.js and Express ## 1. install express ```sh npm install express ``` ## 2....
TheLoony12 (2)
How to make a simple discord bot!
## Get started - go to index.js - Then scroll and put your bot token - In `client.login('BOTTOKEN');` - The hit run
gitignore (1)
How To Make A Financial Discord Bot With Just 5 Lines Of Code
## Dcord Dcord Is An Npm Package That Allows You To Make Your Own Discord Bot With Just A Few Lines Of Code. With Dcord, You Can Customize Your Own P...
Coder100 (16750)
JavaScript Code Style Part 2
# JavaScript Code Style This took me way longer than expected due to me losing the repl *twice*. So without further ado, let's get into the world of e...
AnthonyMouse (79)
Making a Functional Programming Language with JS Part 1
Hello! I’m @EitanAlperstein (also @AnthonyMouse) with a tutorial. Hope you like it, because I spent a lot of hard work on the language ***AND*** the t...
AvyAvocado (7)
Node.js 14
3 days ago, Discord.js [merged a pull request to the master branch]( that requires you to have Node....
Coder100 (16750)
Deep Cloning Objects
# Deep Cloning Objects Why should one even be interested in this one may ask? Because it will most definitely affect you in many aspects. This is one...
Squirrel777 (138)
Setting up Firebase with Nodejs!
# How to use Firebase! You have no idea how much work was put into this. I literally had to spam repl talk with questions about Firebase lol. Anyways...
RyanYanko (4)
Instruction set simulators, and how to make one!
# What is an instruction set simulator? An instruction set simulator (ISS) is a simulation model of a low-level processor. Microprocessors execute mac...
DeForkDl (0)
how to get the website link
Squirrel777 (138)
My Nodejs Module - mailCaptcha!
# mailCaptcha mailCaptcha is a Nodejs library that helps people by using a captcha! Just install, learn, and code! # how it works So basically it use...
RayhanADev (1870)
How to Use Repl Talk API/GraphQL [NODEJS]
# How to Use's GraphQL/API #### *A NodeJS Tutorial* G'day fellow Repler's, today you will be learning how to use's GraphQL! This easy...
RohilPatel (1533)
Learn Node.js in less than an hour [Tutorial]
# Node.js Tutorial ## What is the syntax like? Well, everything you already know with JavaScript can be played here, except for the DOM, which if yo...
TanayCoder1k (0)
Random number function in Java script
Look at the repl and learn from the repl it is very interesting.
Kudos (111)
Postgresql on part #2 !
# OK here goes part 2 So we ended on our last part of the tutorial ( in the middle of mak...
Kudos (111)
Postgresql on part #1 !
# Hello, welcome to my tutorial on Postgresql ## It will guide you through all of the setup and half of the actual code. ## At the end of this you wil...
ironblockhd (425)
How to reduce your node repls size by 99% with one line of code!
**do not use this in combination of the [hidden files tutorial](** ![IMG_2904](https...
Indigos1st (2)
Creating a Discord bot in
# Creating a Discord bot in In this tutorial we are going to show you how to create a Discord bot in, i'm going to assume you have cr...
ironblockhd (425)
How to create your own NPM package
This post will teach you how you can make your own NPM packages in 4 simple steps that later can be required by anyone. # Let's get started! First if...