RishabhRanjit (3)
A Guide To JavaScript (I suck at it): Part 1
# JAVASCRIPT! #### THIS IS PART 1. THIS WILL COVER SOME BASICS. > ###### There is a repl at the bottom of this post. It has the final code used. J...
coding1001 (10)
# How To Use SASS/SCSS In repl.it #### I have seen many people trying to use sass and scss in repl.it. well here is how! ## steps: ### 1. go to https:...
ManuTheCoder (2)
How to make a Documentation for your project in just seconds!
Many people make open source projects, and they often find it hard to create documentation. I made a documentation generator (DocJS) to solve this pr...
NotMrMan (102)
3 Rarely Used HTML Tags (and how to use them)
Here are a few useful tags that are rarely used! 1: <fieldset> The `<fieldset>` tag allows you to make a window to store HTML content in. This can h...
brokentoken (51)
A nice navbar tutorial
# How to make a navbar ### Lets get started Put this code in your header tags ``` <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://freshclass.netlify...
Void12345678 (0)
Go to Raid.Land Free By Side Quest And Have Fun!!
Why Are You Still Here You Silly Dumb Nerds Go Away and one more thing if you get Caught don't blame me call this person 404-756-3756 Bye
Gsquadgamers (1)
Re-create the non-wifi secret dinosaur game
First of you will have your HTML document which right now should look like this: ``` <html> <head> <link rel="style.css"></link> </head> <body>...
yugchaplot (8)
it is a painting app which run on mobile also
hi so starting of this painting app ![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1614770829607_30cfb8789848c6725fcf953c43f2b8b1.png) start w...
codingjlu (77)
CSS Animation Tutorial
Take 10 minutes and read this tutorial. Then you will know how to animate with CSS!! And best of all, you barely need any CSS and HTML knowledge, and...
AndrewAung11 (14)
Customizing Scroll Bar with CSS
This is a tutorial about customizing scroll bar with CSS. I learnt it from [Portfolio Site Template](https://repl.it/@templates/Portfolio-Site-Templat...
EliasAraniva (1)
Monty Hall Game (html basic)
# Monty Hall Game _Sorry for my english but using google translate is torture_ first we make sure to put the element of ``` <html> ``` now we give...
yugchaplot (8)
it is a painting app which run on mobile also
it is made on HTML and it is easy . you gust need to add grids and paints you can search my account yugchaplot for more codes
DemonicSage (1)
3D Rendering Tutorial
In this tutorial we make a 3D viewport and add a cube to it. I've attached documentation links for pretty much everything so modifying this repl shoul...
yugchaplot (8)
make a link to open in next tab for beginners
this opens the link in next tab and it is my update version . want to see my more basic HTML. program search my name as yugchaplot for some HTML .m...
AdityaGoswami2 (1)
Hi guys check out my repel I am a beginner so I did the best of my ability so pls don't judge.
adamsnathaniel (0)
Basic Javascript Calculator
Alright guys, it is finally here! The JS Calculator! Here is my step by step guide on how to create your own! I even have the repl for the full source...
6323marshins (3)
how to make encoder tool morse cdode and alhaphate
pls comment if you have any issuses the code javascript //all var var alphabetWords = { a: "alpha", b: "bravo", c: "charlie", d: "delta"...
eticoalu (2)
How to make a functioning web (only for sign in tho )
first you are gonna wanna put a h1 as you see in my code i have a style to make it last boring -3- <h1 class="animate__animated animate__flash"...
SixBeeps (5052)
[CSS] Adding gradient and other images on your text!
There was a proposal that has been added to the CSS editors draft to add in a `text` value to `background-clip`. What this would do is to allow the ba...
malvoliothegood (845)
Calculator using ESM modules
## Introduction This tutorial will show you how to use JavaScript or ESM modules to create a simple calculator app. Traditionally JavaScript(JS) cod...
Coder100 (16919)
Shooting Tutorial
# Shooting Tutorial In many games, you would want to add something we like to call *shooting* -- that is, making projectiles go in a certain direction...
CalSch (3)
2 Pages, 1 File
This is how you can make 2 web pages with only one `.html` file! It works by having two `div` elements, one for each page, and when the user clicks...
programmeruser (575)
PSA: Protect your apps against CSRF
# What is CSRF? CSRF is when attackers "forge" requests, that is, making fake requests that the user didn't actually make. This only works if the user...
CoolCoderSJ (502)
How to solve Logout image problems
Inspired by [ @PDanielY 's original post ](https://repl.it/talk/learn/The-safety-of-replit-Is-replit-really-as-safe-as-people-think/115876) This is a...
lightningrock (148)
How To Make Custom HTML ELements!!!
# Custom HTML Elements Hello! In this tutorial I'll be showing you how to make your own custom elements! There are two different kinds of custom HTML...
remarkablemark (23)
Bouncing DVD Logo
# Bouncing DVD Logo ![Bouncing DVD Logo](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1610500001078_e97b394a991aa13a7c4ef8c201edd5fd.png) The site i...
FatherLiberty (1)
How to program Snake in HTML5 easily!!!
# How to program Snake in HTML5 easily!!! Programming snake in HTML isn't as hard as it may sound. It's actually pretty easy. First, we'll need our...
thatpyguy (0)
Make the Easiest HTML Game
#### Clicker Game ## Hello! This is a beginner's tutorial on how to make a clicker game. I am @thatpyguy and will release more tutorials in the future...
Acronymical (16)
How to create custom domains using FreeDNS
# What is FreeDNS? [FreeDNS] (https://freedns.afraid.org) is a service created by Joshua Anderson, where people share their domains that you can use...
GameDev46 (6)
Javascript platformer - ultimate tutorial
# Getting started Start off by creating a new html, CSS and JavaScript repl and head over to the index.html file. We will need a canvas on the websi...