Snowy1011 (0)
How to make a website(With text in it)
Hi there, This will tell you how to make your own website, it also has some text on the website. This is for complete beginners. Idk How to do anythin...
jason37 (0)
This is a Python Tutorial
Please look at the file so later you know how to use python in the futer.
JacobMcPherson1 (191)
How to compare strings in C++
# omg comparing strings in c++ ### omg i didn't know that was possible step 1: add #include <string.h> to the top of the file step 2: make some variab...
Indigos1st (2)
Host A Minecraft Server on!
# Host A Minecraft Server on! In this tutorial we will be leaning how to create a Minecraft Java server hosted on Many people have...
Coder100 (16982)
C# Tutorial
# Learn C# Fast! @Bunnytoes Have you wanted to learn a modern, fast, compiled language that is general-purpose and is used almost everywhere? That's...
CoolDude9000 (5)
Quart Template & Guide:
# Replit Quart Template: A nice template for Quart. Docs: [Click Here] ( skip to part 3 for the actual good stuff....
JosephFrey1 (1)
Lua Economy System Tutorial
# My Lua Tutorial! Lua is a great language, it can do most anything! This tutorial was made by JosephFrey1! While thats enough Chit Chat! Lets get ri...
ImhimLM (0)
How to make a Chat Bot with Python - Part 1
# How to make a chatbot with python First, what is a chatbot? A chatbot is a robot you can talk to. They do specific things like playing games with y...
dumbCodr (7)
Easy ways to make your python code more Concise and efficient!
I just wanted to share some tricks to make code more concise and more efficient that are really simple to implement # F-Strings ___ F-Strings come in...
Codeverse (157)
Jaxit Tutorial
Hello and Welcome to the one and only Jaxit Tutorial. I will teach you how to use Jaxit. First of all, thank you for reading this tutorial. **Now, ti...
Th3OneAndOnly (6)
Want to use coffeescript in your HTML webpages on REPLit? Look no further!
Hello Everyone! This is a pretty simple tutorial, so I'm sure you'll get through it in no time! REPLit, whilst having coffeescript support, has more o...
fluffyyboii (2)
A Strange Python "Bug", and How to Avoid It
# Introduction ### Pull up the attached code! With all the great things about Python people are talking about, it can feel like there just aren't any...
zcejlbqs (0)
Did you know Chicago’s name comes from a Native American word for Wild Onions because of the wild onion and garlic that was native to the area? It mak...
RishabhRanjit (3)
A Guide To JavaScript (I suck at it): Part 1
# JAVASCRIPT! #### THIS IS PART 1. THIS WILL COVER SOME BASICS. > ###### There is a repl at the bottom of this post. It has the final code used. J...
zorahiscool (1)
Requirements- Ngrok Account First start by making a new bash repl. Then you want to type this in the console- wget
Th3Coder (74)
How To Browse Privately! [+ tips and tricks]
Well, hello there! Before we start, here's the table of contents! (Credit to IntellectualGuy's [Big Python Tutorial](
NVVC007 (3)
Minecraft tutorial!
# Minecraft tutorial! Hi everyone!![gof]( So, in this...
Ghostwolf (3)
Let's code a Discord bot in JavaScript! (discord.js)
👋 Hey there! In this tutorial, I'll teach you how to create a Discord bot, which will let you add and respond with "tags" - responses that you can se...
antoon (0)
Pong AI
# Pong AI During the lockdown i made a pong-AI. It works by calculating the course of the ball with this code: ```py def calculate_move(self, middelp...
Th3Coder (74)
LAMBDA Tutorial! [April Fools]
# Introduction The most famous programming language ever is probably Python. But do you know about Lambda programming? If you said no, don't worry....
JWZ6 (187)
Basic Ruby Tutorial
# OK! Before we start, I want to give you a little background information on the creator of Ruby, Yukihiro Matsumoto. ![creatorofruby](https://stora...
TheGM1 (3)
Learning Swift
Hello guys, I thought while I was learning swift, I should share with others! I will be constantly updating this tutorial, and please feel free to ask...
AR199 (72)
Learn the Command Line!
# How to use `Bash` Hi, today I will be teaching you how to navigate the file system using a software called `Bash`. `Bash` stands for **B**ourne **A*...
DSAJagat20 (1)
How to make an application! (SO EASY)!
# INTRO What's up, guys! I'm back, DSAJagat, aka cyan from amongus. In this post, I'll be showing you how to make an application! these steps are so e...
CoolJames1610 (714)
[] Discord Bot Web Dashboard Tutorial
# [] Discord Bot with fully functioning web dashboard! Hello everyone and today I will be going through how to make a discord bot, a websit...
STCollier (3)
How to get an input accept words and letters instead of just numbers
In Python 2.7, it can be extremely frustrating (at least for me) to have something such as noun = input("Insert a noun: ") and when you run the pro...
SilvermoonCat (429)
EASY-python animations!
# Python Animation Tutorial-EASY! > ##### By SilvermoonCat Hey! This is SilvermoonCat :D ~~~python print("Python Animation Tutorial") ~~~ ___ Let's l...
🔮Styling with CSS: tagging!🔮
Hello! This is part 2 of 'Styling with CSS'. **Part 1**: (" 💫Styling with CSS: The...
LiamBerube (2)
🐍Python basics tutorial🐍
# What is Python Anyways? Python is a programming language made for readability and is great for large projects such as : Web development with flask C...
Baconman321 (1057)
JavaScript Memoizers - Raising the speed limit part 1
# I'm sure you guys have used JavaScript at least once in your life. As with all coding languages, though... you *will* run into performance issues....