dumbCodr (7)
Easy ways to make your python code more Concise and efficient!
I just wanted to share some tricks to make code more concise and more efficient that are really simple to implement # F-Strings ___ F-Strings come in...
eankeen (2054)
🚀 Creating a VueJS app: A tutorial for beginners 👏
# 🚀 Creating VueJS app: Tutorial for beginners 👏 [VueJS](https://vuejs.org) is one of the easier JavaScript frameworks for beginners to get into. I...
AmazingMech2418 (1039)
How To Make a Basic OS
# How To Make a Basic OS ## Introduction In this tutorial, I will not teach you how to make a bunch of if statements in Python or Node.js or Java, b...
CodingCactus (4195)
How to python (GCSE/The Basics)
Made into a website here: <https://how-to-python.codingcactus.repl.co/> Firstly, this is a guide on how to code in Python up to GCSE level, as I know...
CodeLongAndPros (1589)
Finding files in Replit, Linux, and UNIX
# Finding files in repl.it with GNU findutils Sometimes you want a little more than a "search box". Say someone dumps a tarball into your repl and ad...
CoolCoderSJ (507)
Link Domains with Replit
## How to link a domain with Replit Yes, there is already a tutorial...but that tutorial isn't very clear, it doesn't show cloudflare thingies, but mo...
frissyn (360)
Reflux Tutorial: Customize your IDE!
# Customize your IDE with Reflux Hey all, welcome to my **official** Reflux tutorial, where I explain how to use my tool to customize the look of you...
JustAWalrus (1187)
How a CPU works.
# How a CPU works. Hello. So recently I found out that most people involved or not with programming have no idea how a CPU works. This bothered me....
JustAWalrus (1187)
C++ FULL Begginners Course!
# C++ FULL Beginners Course. Hello, I am @Wuru and this is my C++ FULL Beginners Course. I know @HahaYes already did one but I wanted to do a more i...
Scoder12 (834)
Making your own programming language with Python
# Making your own programming language with Python ### Why make your own language? When you write your own programming language, you control the ent...
Coder100 (17078)
C# Tutorial
# Learn C# Fast! @Bunnytoes Have you wanted to learn a modern, fast, compiled language that is general-purpose and is used almost everywhere? That's...
SilvermoonCat (430)
🐍 Python Text Styles 🐍
## Python Text Styles! Today we're going to learn: - italic, bold, underline - all the colors (I know) Alright! Let's begin: ```python print("Welcom...
Coder100 (17078)
Deep Cloning Objects
# Deep Cloning Objects Why should one even be interested in this one may ask? Because it will most definitely affect you in many aspects. This is one...
Kookiez (386)
Full HTML Tutorial
# HTML TUTORIAL Hi! This is a tuorial made by @Kookiez and @necronova. This will cover *most* of the basics in HTML, plus a little CSS. There are 2...
PYer (3868)
Learn To Code In Python
Teaches you how to code in python. By `PYer` This tutorial excpects some basic knowledge of coding in another language. ![image](https://storage.goog...
Coder100 (17078)
Repl.it DB
[Example test run for repl.it db](https://repl.it/@Coder100/OK-I-WILL-NOW-TEST-MY-DATABASE-AGAIN) [Working Form](https://repl.it/@Coder100/replit-db-e...
eankeen (2054)
🚀 A Starter Guide to Pygame 📀
# 🚀 A Starter Guide to Pygame 📀 Pygame is an open-source library for making graphical applications with Python. Learn more about it on the official...
zplusfour (890)
# Hi, this is a tutorial about how to build a chat app ###### here is it @Leroy01010 Let's start *** # 1. Libraries We need `socket.io` to make a co...
RohilPatel (1535)
Learn Node.js in less than an hour [Tutorial]
# Node.js Tutorial ## What is the syntax like? Well, everything you already know with JavaScript can be played here, except for the DOM, which if yo...
GaneshaSharma (49)
How to code a .replit
# Introduction `.replit` files can probably be the toughest for developers that use Replit heavily. You mainly have to code them when you clone from G...
Bookie0 (5993)
The Monty Hall Problem! 🐐 🚘
# Hiya everyone! Lets start with a dad joke because why not!  ![Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 7.30.41 PM](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images...
HahaYes (1862)
C++ Tutorial: Day 5!
# Day 5! Bugs/Typos Forgot semicolon. Thanks to @SpaceFire Please upvote to help dominate the tutorial section. # REMEMBER. ALL FUNCTIONS MUST END...
21natzil (1176)
Repl.it + Git Tutorial
# GIT on repl.it Git is a version control system for programmers. It allows programmers to collaborate easily, and makes sure the integrity of the pr...
JustAWalrus (1187)
Clean Code Introduction
Hello, at the moment I am working hard at a **HUGE** full web dev course with @Coder100 so I needed to get something out here. # Clean Code: An intro...
SeamusDonahue (439)
How to make a platformer
So some of you might be wondering how to make a platformer... Although this tutorial is more over the methods of how I do it, it will use pygame as a...
Coder100 (17078)
How to change your username
# How to change your username Please please please **never** *ever* do this! It's basically like deleting your account but you still have your repls (...
mat1 (4381)
Authenticating users with Repl.it Auth
This tutorial will teach you how to use the Repl.it Auth API. # Prerequisites You are required to know the following before you start: - Basic knowle...
eankeen (2054)
A Comprehensive Guide to Replit's New Git and GitHub Features
# A Comprehensive Guide to Replit's New Git and GitHub Features recently, Replit has added integrations for Git and GitHub. now, you can interact wit...
darkdarcool (100)
# Welcome to Marko! So, while I was browsing around on github, I stumbled upon [Marko](https://marko-py.readthedocs.io/en/latest/). And I thought it...
jajoosam (877)
Chat on the terminal
# Chat on the terminal ## Build a realtime chat in your terminal 💬 ![](https://i.imgur.com/OqMNLC2.gif) [Demo](https://chat.jajoosam.repl.run) ⏯️...