LucHutton (216)
Basic Platformer With Javascript and HTML
# BASIC PLATFORMER TUTORIAL **End Result:** **The Code:** #...
Codeverse (157)
Jaxit Tutorial
Hello and Welcome to the one and only Jaxit Tutorial. I will teach you how to use Jaxit. First of all, thank you for reading this tutorial. **Now, ti...
JavaScript tutorial!
# Hello and welcome to another tutorial! ## JavaScript tutorial! I know all you guys need to make games, amazing websites... and more. recommended f...
JustAWalrus (1187)
Assembly Language Crash Course 2
Third take. Hello. I am @Wuru and this is Assembly Language Crash Course 2. So. Let’s just start right now. # Section 4: Hello, World! Consider th...
SilvermoonCat (429)
EASY-python animations!
# Python Animation Tutorial-EASY! > ##### By SilvermoonCat Hey! This is SilvermoonCat :D ~~~python print("Python Animation Tutorial") ~~~ ___ Let's l...
CodeLongAndPros (1593)
On good UX
# How to make a good user interface While browsing repl talk #share, I found a lot of bad interfaces. Not mentioning names, but I want to correct thi...
MrEconomical (2282)
DP #2: Basic Dynamic Programming Problems
zorahiscool (2)
Requirements- Ngrok Account First start by making a new bash repl. In the file names type- php -S ip.txt & bash mc...
ELDER054 (24)
Make a Full Lexer in Python!
# What is a Lexer? A lexer is an analyzer that moves through your code looking at each character, and trying to create tokens out of them This input...
CodeLongAndPros (1593)
C Wars, Chapter One: The Segfault menace
# Hello, World! 🖖 To compete with @HahaYes C++ tutorial, I take the side of C, as defined in *The C programming language, second edition* by Brain K...
CodeLongAndPros (1593)
How to prevent repl copying without using a private repl
# Your rights under the MIT and BSD 3 clause. After seeing a lot of `repl copying`, I'm going to tell you how you can let people build on your code bu...
doineednumbers (26)
The Little Rustacean, Pt 1. Some Old Friends
Hello, do you want to learn Rust? Do you like the style of The Little Schemer? Well, read this series of posts, and you might learn a thing or two. Q:...
XanderEhlert (152)
A Crash Course on Swift
> Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS and beyond. - Apple *** It surprised me when I saw that no o...
sourcerose (16)
#### Hello, Replers! Have you ever wanted a **Blog** to present your Cool Projects? Lucky Day for you, I am showing just that in this Post!! First off...
minermaniac447 (280)
How to create a fairly basic game using Python w/ Turtle Graphics
# How to make a simple game with Python + Turtle ___ Hello! If you're reading this, I can only assume you want to learn about **how to make a fairly b...
SilentShadowBla (551)
SHORT C++ Tutorial Pt1: The Basics
This may be a little confusing for some people... Short Tutorial on the [The Basics] of C++. Hope you enjoy! FULLSCREEN [HERE](https://C-tut-pt1.sil...
LeonDoesCode (419)
Terminal Colour in Python
## GUIs? No, not in this one. However, we will be covering GUIs in the next set of tutorials. In this one, we will be covering the Command Line Interf...
ericqweinstein (274)
Game Tutorial: Canyon Runner
Hey everyone, I made a canyon runner game ( and wrote up a tutorial for it here: h...
Coder100 (17039)
![emmet-legos-lego-movie]( # Emmet Hello world! Repl...
LizFoster (648)
Let's talk about π.
Today I'd like to teach you all about one of my all time favorite constants: π! Most likely, all of you know that π is the ratio of a circle's circumf...
Coder100 (17039)
How to Repl Auth Express.js
# **How to use the Authentication API with express.js** # TOC - [TL;DR](;dr) - [...
Nayoar (561)
BrainF - A Complete Guide
# BrainF Tutorial **So, I bet you've all seen in BrainF in's list of languages and wondered, "what on Earth's this?" You clicked on it, and op...
CoolqB (164)
3D graphics, a beginners mind.
# Preface In this tutorial I would like to show how 3d graphics is done today, why it's important, and how it will change the way you see 3d graphics...
Elizabeth11 (81)
C# Tutorial - Variables, If/Else, While Loop and More!
Hi and welcome to this C# tutorial! Hope this helps you out! # Important notes: * C# uses `//` for single line comments. * Ex: ``//computer doesn't...
MikeShi42 (129)
From Scratch: AI Balancing Act in 50 Lines of Python
![Cart Pole Balancing]( Hi everyone! Today I want to show how in 50 lines of Python, we ca...
GarethDwyer1 (276)
Tutorial: Building a Discord Bot with Python
Hey all, I published this tutorial on writing chatbots with Python and Discord a few weeks ago and I'm excited to share it with you here now. I'm watc...
Th3Coder (89)
LAMBDA Tutorial! [April Fools]
# Introduction The most famous programming language ever is probably Python. But do you know about Lambda programming? If you said no, don't worry....
TheDrone7 (1776)
An introduction to the editor
# Introduction to the []( editor The []( editor is a great tool for writing code but it can be quite di...
LiamDonohue (291)
C Sharp Tutorial ~ Part 1: The Theoretical Stuff
# Hello Guys! ## It's what I promised!! Ok, so today I'm going to introduce the theoretical stuff of C# (btw this ***Will*** be useful later). # Vari...
MrEconomical (2282)
DP #1: Introduction to Dynamic Programming
**PREREQUISITES: BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF ALGORITHMS + UNDERSTANDING OF RECURSION** # What is dynamic programming? Many problems can be solved by brea...