plant3jyyehejy (14)
Json loading/saving
# what is json? `jason` is a module for python that allows a user to 'sterilize' data to use later or even in entirely different scripts. # why json?...
AdityaGoswami2 (1)
Hi guys check out my repel I am a beginner so I did the best of my ability so pls don't judge.
devjamoranca (1)
Clojure koans on REPL.IT
The standard clojure repl provided by has leininingen but it does not support files, directories or editors. Even with the shell, I was unable...
IMayBeMe (346)
Python Intermediate Tutorial
# Chapter 1 - Introduction So recently there has been an influx of beginner/basic Python tutorials which often cover the same topics or cover element...
sammightyt (24)
How to use localStorage and sessionStorage for your repls in JS
I will be teaching you how to use localStorage in # set an item in localStorage ```js localStorage.setItem("yourkey","yourvalue"); ``` *** #...
boko123456789 (2)
Python for beginners
Hi. I am going to tell new people who don't know how to code. CODE(Python)! In the first step, you should try to make the robot say something. for exa...
Conducting Basic Python Classes Focussing on Just Data Structures
# Topics * Map * List * Set After Learning - applying the concepts in solving Hacker Rank Class
6323marshins (3)
how to make encoder tool morse cdode and alhaphate
pls comment if you have any issuses the code javascript //all var var alphabetWords = { a: "alpha", b: "bravo", c: "charlie", d: "delta"...
nuvic (0)
Word vectors - Why they are fundamental for NLP and how to create them (part 1)
[ file]( Who is this for: If you're a developer interested in NLP and don't know where to begi...
Bruno08432190 (0)
DISCORD.JS poll command
// Load modules const Discord = require("discord.js"), backup = require("discord-backup"), client = new Discord.Client(), settings = { prefix: "...
DSASofia20 (0)
this will help you to cod with python turtle
LingWu1 (88)
Intro to HTML Part 1
HTML Introduction What is HTML? HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language HTML is the standard markup language for creating Web pages HTML describes...
HPD1155 (11)
How to read textboxes in JS
first you create the html text area or input: ```html <textarea></textarea> <input></input> ``` Then you give it an id: ```html <textarea id="input"><...
GabinAn (0)
technologie 2nd
fois ** division % quotient / float chaine-> nb a virgule for k in range print k pour table if si else sinon sqrt racine carré
malvoliothegood (851)
Calculator using ESM modules
## Introduction This tutorial will show you how to use JavaScript or ESM modules to create a simple calculator app. Traditionally JavaScript(JS) cod...
alvisonhunter (1)
Basic JavaScript Class Implementation
#BASIC ECMA6 CLASS IMPLEMENTATION Hi Guys! You are making a text encryptor. It should take multiple words and output a combined version, where each w...
Mhmmadsahmi (0)
My Day2 of 100 Days of Code: tip-calculator-start
never give up you have to trust your self and believe that you can do it
arjunpraveen200 (0)
Python fundamentals
Python is an object oriented programming language which is popular for its easy-to-implement syntaxes.
RandomThings23 (2)
## About This is a collection of algorithms, formulas, or written in different programing languages: ## ADT...
SomeBall45 (1)
Making Own Simple api
Hello beginners I want to teach you how to create a Simple API using Node.js and Express ## 1. install express ```sh npm install express ``` ## 2....
Python Tutorial
this is python tutorial by: @Qerewrad 1- remember to write: ```py from termcolor import colored ``` > if this tutorial helps you upvote this post plz...
ayushalexx (0)
5 Habits You Need to Succeed in Programming World
The People who become Successful in life are the ones who are challenging themselves everyday, improving themselves and living their life with good ha...
IMightBeMe (30)
Making a Simple 24 Line Cipher in Python
Hello everyone!!! 👋 This is my first tutorial so please leave feedback :D So the first thing we will want to do is make a list of the alphabet. Ther...
remarkablemark (23)
Bouncing DVD Logo
# Bouncing DVD Logo ![Bouncing DVD Logo]( The site i...
LingWu1 (88)
CodingBat Recursion-2 Answers
Well, this isn't really a tutorial but I thought it would help anyway to put it here. These are the answers to the CodingBat(Java) Recursion-2 answers...
Python tutorial
### - My First Tutorial - Here a simple tutorial by [Qerewrad]( ```py print("hello user") ``` Output: hello user ````py impor...
Ayushantiwal (6)
5 Good Habits You Need to be a Successful Programmer
The People who Live their life with good habits enjoy happiness, calm and peace in their life. We need to live our life with good habits, which help u...
EricDixon2 (0)
Day 4 of Code
#codenewbieDay 4 of Code, Codenewbie
gitignore (1)
How To Make A Financial Discord Bot With Just 5 Lines Of Code
## Dcord Dcord Is An Npm Package That Allows You To Make Your Own Discord Bot With Just A Few Lines Of Code. With Dcord, You Can Customize Your Own P...
Joseph114 (1)
while vs.if
What is the difference between "while" and "if"? # While I made two variabiles with user input: ``` n1 = input("Write down any number: ") repeat_n1...