How to draw Pixel Art on Python with Turtle!
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How to Draw Pixel Art on Python with Turtle!

In this Tutorial you shall learn how to create your own pixel art on Python with Turtle, I hope you enjoy.

The first step to creating our art is to import turtle and set a background. My personal tip is to use black as it works best with pixel art.

Here is model code:

import turtle
wn.bgcolor("Black")                     #Remember Speech Marks.

Then, for step 2, we will set the speed of your turtle to be a high value, using this command:
Then, now the technical aspects are over with, let us get into the real juicy code!

First, we must define square. My optimum size after a lot of testing was a 20 by 20 square. You define a function using this piece of code:

def square():
       for x in range(4):
             t.right(90)                                              #Remember Indentation.

Then, After that step, we can start making pixel art!
To add colours to our squares, we use the begin_fill command. Let me show an example about how this works.

def Tetris_Piece_1():
  for x in range(4):

We created this function. Now we may uses it whenever we like with this command:
This code will make a Horizontal line of 4 pixels, like the Tetris piece! Look at the example below to see Pac-Man also.

You've come to the end of the Tutorial. However, if you would like to extend this, here are some ideas.

Find a way to define Red_Square or Blue_Square.

Make a video-game character.

Create a model of a Tetris screen.

It has lots of uses, so try it today.

Remember to click on Python with Turtle and not python 2.7, Python or Django.

I recommend you watch the example in larger screen by pressing Open in

Special Credit to JSer for teaching me how to use markdown on this post!

Up the pensize to 4 if you want it really blocky using this command!

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