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c++ introduction
MichealGossar (1)

C++ is one of the most compaclationed languages (yes a language) to learn. The most basic line of code is:
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main() {
cout << "Hello World";
that was very simple. The output would be Hello World. The first line #include <iostream> means to print text. Using namespace (the next line) is to...continued

LiamDonohue (294)

wooow that's waaay complicated

Highwayman (1482)

@LiamDonohue -_- technically if they had explained more in-depth, then it would have been "waay complicated". :(

Highwayman (1482)

@ipastrano oh hi! That reminds me, when are you doing you next tutorial?

Highwayman (1482)

@ipastrano :D yeah! I saw that like right after I posted this question, and Ibwas like Oh! Yay! lol XD