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beginner here
picklewhip (0)

Hello , i am a beginner like EXTREMLY NEW , i have no idea abt what language and script and repls i just dont know , by any chance can someone help me !

Wumi4 (486)

Sure, what can we help you?

IntellectualGuy (710)

Make sure to introduce yourself here

There are 2 languages that you should probably choose from

  • Python

Both of these languages are beginner friendly so make sure to consider them as a first language.

Here are a few tutorials for you to get started.

W3 schools
Tutorials Point
Tutorials here on repl.it

Replit is a place where you can code, ask question, answer questions, share projects, and teach concepts.

The ask section is for questions.

The share section is for sharing projects.

The tutorials section is for tutorials about coding, like a tutorial on the basics of a language.

Also, next time you have a question then make sure to post it in the ask section.