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bash tutorial

bash is an easy programming language, we can make little text games with it and create a .bat file on our computer and boom we can launch our game instantly, you wanna start with @echo off
its really easy, always start a bash program with this command,
the next command is echo. after @echo off you want to go ahead and use echo. then finally you can make text with echo nothing special here is an example. "echo hello world" input: hello world
that is how it works, now we come to a useful one set /p
how do we use this? simple we can ask the player to give input into a variable like: set /p haha
then if the player types no
the value of the variable is now no
how can we make our game realize this?
with the equ command: if haha equ no
next we make it perform the goto action like this:
if haha equ no goto Hey!
and to specify the place called Hey!
we must goto another line and do :Hey!
then you specified the place Hey!
add any code under :Hey! and it will happen if the player says no


I need to see an example thanks.