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Welcome to Marko!

So, while I was browsing around on github, I stumbled upon Marko. And I thought it was super cool. So I have come to share it with you all.

I recommend you visit this link so the creators of Marko explain how to use it. But I'll give you a quick run down of it.

This is only available in python!
import marko
print(marko.convert("Insert Markdown here"))

To use it, copy and paste my code into a new python repl. And delete Insert Markdown here.

The you are going to put in Markdown in the double quotes. Like this:

import marko
print(marko.convert("# Hello World"))
# To make a new line for your markdown, just use a \n

You can really insert any Markdown in there when you want, but if you're new to markdown, I recommend that you create a file and read this to get a quick run down of Markdown.

Then when you are done inputting all of your markdown, you hit the run button and you'll see some html code when the poetry install is done.

That is what Markdone uses. So if you want to replicate a in your website via html, you can copy paste that code into your html with your CSS. Then BAM. You have your one customizable readme(the only customizations is with css) in your website.

So that is a run down of Marko, and please go star it on Github, they are so underrated! You can get there here.

There are many extension to see, but you'll have to go here to see the developers readme to see how to get them.

NOTE: I did not make this, and took no part in this, please do not think I did.

This is not more upvotes, more for you to learn. See you next time I post!

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Ahhhhhhhh, that may be their week point!