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remove .html from file path

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so you want to remove .html from the path

So I have seen a lot of people ask "how do I remove .html from the path" or "can I remove .html from the path" and the answer is actually yes you can.
To do this all you need to do is:

  1. take the file you want to do it to let's say I want example.html to be /example
  2. make a folder named example in the file tab
  3. move example.html into the folder named example
  4. rename example.html to index.html

And now goto /example it should display what example.html was, you can do this to any file name by replace example with the name you want to do it to (replace the name in these instructions) also if you want to know what file comes first if you have index.html and index.php in the folder look here: link that contains the default list (if you can't access that it is: index.html index.shtml index.php index.htm default.html Default.htm default.html Default.html default.shtml Default.shtml page1.html index.cgi index.php3 index.phtml home.htm home.html home.shtml index.wml)
And there you go a working path without .html

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Yep :)