George Boole: the father of computer science.
JustAWalrus (1187)

The year is 1815.

A young boy named George has just been born in Lincoln, a town in the UK.

The boy has a father, John was his name.

John was a tradesman. He barely could pull in enough money to feed the family, let alone have them do anything rather nice.

John was close with George, as they both shared a love for science.

George listened to his father talk, taking notes as he went along.

George was fascinated with science & math.

George’s father wasn’t pulling in enough money though.

So George had to become a teacher.

Yet he still found time to study.

Fast forward, George is an adult. He moved to Ireland during the famine for a college acceptance.

George had published many papers up to this point but he was still a very poor man.

The potato famine haunted George and so he became very religious.

And so he sought to find an understanding of gods mind.

During his study he wanted to conclude that the world could be broken down to True or Falses, 1s or 0s, Ons or offs.

In other words George had just invented Boolean logic.

George created 3 new operators for his branch of algebra, AND, OR, and, NOT.

What George had just done was created binary as we know it.

Years later, some people studying at MIT found the thesis George published on that paper, they realized that that logic could applied to a project MIT was working on. An electronic computer.

And the rest is history.

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JustAWalrus (1187)

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