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Use repl.it as a VPS hosting

Use repl.it as a VPS/VM

Create a new bash repl. The repl name will be your VM name.

In the file, write bash.

Click run, and you get a shell!

URLs for your server are like this: VMNAME--ACCOUNT.repl.co

That's it. Really simple!


That's just a server wrapper to interact with. @retronbv

retronbv (131)

@GaneshaSharma but how would you use the .repl.co?


ssh foo--bar.repl.co
curl foo--bar.repl.co --data $(cat filetoupload)


retronbv (131)

@GaneshaSharma but does the ssh work? edit: also root?


SSH may not work. Root, well repl.it has be like maniac and not let me log in with a password. :( @retronbv

HahaYes (1861)

Whoa. This is cool

Highwayman (1483)

They used to have an api for this type of thing, but they just trashed it a while ago :/ I they are remaking it though so that’ll be cool...

NoNameByProgram (198)

...what do you mean by

URLs for your server are like this: VMNAME--ACCOUNT.repl.co

this doesn't do anything according to my common sense


Just for web stuff or probably even SSH. @NoNameByProgram


Repl.it kinda sucks cuz it wants me to get hacker and show summer discount and it's not summer. :D @NoNameByProgram