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Tired of blinding your eyes? Turn on dark mode! (No installation)
maxina (46)

Note that this is for all sites, not just repl.it!

So first of all you have to make sure you are using the chrome browser. Next, go on this URL. In the search bar, search for "dark". You should see an option that looks like this:

for you it should say disabled, click it and select enabled. You may have to restart chrome or even your machine, and then, voala!

Kookiez (386)

You could also just turn on Explorer, it's easier that way

Kookiez (386)

@maxina Go to your account (https://replit.com/account) and scroll down to roles, and there is the explorer feature.

maxina (46)

@Kookiez Oh I never knew! Thanks for telling me!