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Tips for your IDEA 💥

Kajam has started and many people are confused about their idea, here are a couple of tips to avoid choosing a bad idea, and what is an idea in your development...

Discard your first idea

This is a classic tip in a gamejam, but it is not surprising that you do not know it if it is your first jam, basically, what first comes to mind is what most will come up with first.

The idea is not everything

Let's take an example of a famous and recent game, Among Us, it is not an original idea, not at all, what makes the game good is a factor of how it was made, not what the idea was. With this I want to tell you that although your idea is somewhat generic, in reality what matters is your game as such, not only the idea, it seems obvious but many do not assimilate it

Don't force yourself to choose a bad idea

It happens a lot, taking a bad idea just to fit the theme a lot, sometimes you have to take a vague idea in terms of following the idea, but it will be better in a video game


Finally, the idea does not count so much, as long as it is something remarkable, what matters are other aspects such as that you polish your game (really, polish it)

Other short tips

  • play other games of the jam, it will give you an overview of your competition
  • share your progress
  • join to the kaboom serv

I hope it helps you!!!


This really did help. I had no clue what to make.