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Three.js: Pointer Lock Controls (first person)
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How to use PointerLockControls

This tutorial will cover how to use the PointerLockControls module for three.js.

Tutorial difficulty: Fairly easy

Before starting..

You'll need:

  • A basic Three.js app (render loop & init, some objects?)
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript
  • Patience: Some


To add the module, use the following code:

import {PointerLockControls} from ''

To add the controls, use:

const controls = new PointerLockControls(camera,renderer.domElement)

Insert the code above into your init function, or where you are defining your camera,scene,renderer,etc

When you run your app now, you will probably get an error and nothing will happen. This is because we are not done yet.

To lock your pointer (for looking around), you need to call
controls.lock(). For security reasons, you can't do this automatically, you need to do this from user interaction (e.g mousedown event).

Now, to make the controls work, you need to set up keydown and keyup functions.

You need to create an array called keys. When a key is pressed, keys['key'] will become true. When the key is lifted (no longer pressed), keys['key'] changes to false.

We'll be attaching keydown and keyup to renderer.domElement (the canvas).

let keys = [];//Define array renderer.domElement.addEventListener('keydown',keydown); renderer.domElement.addEventListener('keyup',keyup); //Attach listeners to functions function keydown(e){ keys[e.key] = true; } function keyup(e){ keys[e.key] = false; }

Now, we can use the keys array in our render loop, to make movement work.
At this point, you'll need to set the keys that you want to use to move forward, backward, left, and right.
Usually, I use W, A, S, and D, or arrow keys.
Tip: Arrow keys are called 'ArrowDown/Left/Up' on events.

In your render loop, BEFORE renderer.render(...) (after will cause weird effects), insert the following code:

Before you start..

Set .1 to the speed you want to move (or just .1)
Set W/A/S/D to the keys you wish to use.

if(keys['w']){ controls.moveForward(.1); } if(keys['s']){ controls.moveForward(-.1); } if(keys['a']){ controls.moveRight(-.1); } if(keys['d']){ controls.moveRight(.1); }

Run your app, and that's it!
Hope you learned something from this tutorial :)

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