A Replit app(sort of) for iOS!

I’ve been using my iPad for replit recently, and I really wanted an app for Replit. I think I found a workaround! I do not use Android, so if you find a workaround for Android, tell me and I’ll be sure to add it!

Step One: Open replit.com with Safari.
Step Two: Login, and wait for the page to load completely.
Step Three: Click the share button on the top right. This is how it looks:

Step Four: The share button opens up a window. Click Add To Home Screen.
Step Five: When you open the “app” from your home screen, the search bar and everything else is gone, leaving you with something that looks like an app!
Have a nice day!

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This is what's known as a "PWA", or a progressive web app. The steps for Android are pretty much the same. The PWA can also be installed on any laptop with Chrome or Edge ;)


@CoolCoderSJ Thanks for letting me know!