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Space shooter with HTML5 and Node.js
rafaelcastrocouto (51)


Welcome to my first web game tutorial!

My name is Rafael and I'm gonna guide you in this amazing code journey.
First of all I'd like to say that I'm not an english native speaker,
so if you happen to find typos or grammar errors,
please feel free correct me ([email protected]).

This tutorial content is stored inside the repl.it code.
I suggest forking the code to save your changes.
Click the "files" button for the next lessons, it's the one on the top left.
Just follow each file and have fun!


GabrielFimbres (1)

Good Game If I made the game I would put upgrades different spacecraft and harder to destroy things

rafaelcastrocouto (51)

@GabrielFimbres what are you waiting for? go on and fork it, make all changes you imagined. and thx a lot for the feedback