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🤖 Simple Webbot Tutorial! 🤖
YeetsaJr (20)

Simple Webbot Tutorial!

This is a Repl project that shows how webbot can be used to automate certain tasks on the internet.

What Is Webbot?

Webbot is a package that is used to automate things like:

  • Logging into websites*
  • Creating accounts for various sites*.
    • Microsoft Version: LINK
  • Spamming chatrooms or chatting sites
    • Spammer for my Chatroom: LINK
  • School Filter Bypass
  • Etcetera...

How do I use Webbot?

To use webbot you need to import it to the project and to do that write this:

from webbot import Browser

Now that you have imported webbot you can start to write some real code!

# This will open the chromium-browser
# (Also, "web" can be anything as long as you change each reference of it as well)
web = Browser()
# This will open the following website in the tab that was opened

It's pretty simple once you get used to it. Next, we will want to search something on Google so we have to do: (Note for later that we aren't using "into" or "web.click" because when the page is loaded it automatically has it ready to type.)

web.type('This is the text getting searched')

To press enter once we have entered what we want searched you can use this:

# This also works with "TAB" and other keys.

And boom! You should have a program that can search for things when run!

What else is there?

There is much more and I have only scratched the surface of what you can do! Here are some other things that I don't really feel like going into detail about.

# ----------------------------------------------------
# Original Version At https://webbot.readthedocs.io/
# ----------------------------------------------------

web.press(web.Key.SHIFT + 'hello its me')
web.go_back() # This is another function to go back a page
web.click('Sign in') # "Sign in" Would be the text (Button or hyperlink) 
web.type('[email protected]' , into='Email')
web.click('NEXT' , tag='span')
web.type('mypassword' , into='Password' , id='passwordFieldId')
web.click('NEXT' , tag='span') # you are logged in . oohoooo

# If multiple buttons with similar properties are to be clicked at once
# "Search" would be the text on the button 
web.click('Search' , multiple = True)

# If there are multiple elements and you want to perform an action on one of them :
with form-input class
web.type('im robo typing' , number = 3 , classname="form-input" )
# types the text into the 3rd input element when there are multiple input elements 


Webbot is a really cool python package that can be used many ways to automate things or just mess with your friends! If I missed anything or need to update things, let me know in the comments and make sure to mention me with @YeetsaJr! If you liked this it would be nice if you upvoted it.

Have a great day and stay safe!

This was made using informtion from https://webbot.readthedocs.io/ and https://pypi.org/project/webbot/
* = (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.)
PikachuB2005 (7)

Wish it wasn't so low tho