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Scratch Tutorial 1.5: Important tips and advice

Scratch tutorial 1.5 - Important tips and warnings

Scratch is on another site and is cool, but be careful. Sometimes things can go wrong, really wrong.

Luckily, this tutorial's got some advice and tips to avoid some bad pitfalls and setbacks in the editor.

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So here is some essential information for you!

  • Save often: You should already know this by now, but if you do some stuff to your project, ALWAYS save. In case something happens, such as your device running out of battery or a friend\sibling sneaks up and does something to exit the project without saving, it's important to make sure the project is saved, just in case.
  • Make sure you're logged in: This is a thing that can go unnoticed if you don't look closely. Because even if you save often, you will have to start over if you noticed it to late.
  • Think hard: If you are smart and know what to do, you can make almost anything in scratch. You can come up with a smart solution if you put in effort and think hard. Just be sure to watch the battery level and be sure to make sure no one will exit the project without saving.
  • Stay organized: Add comments and make your code vertical (stacks of scripts) so you know what the code does if someone else reads it or you come back in four months. To add a comment, right click on the block or place you would like to add a comment and select "Add Comment".

And finally,

  • BE SURE TO SET EVERYTHING TO HOW YOU WANT IT WHEN THE PROJECT IS RAN: For example, if you make a sprite move 10 from the default starting position steps when the project is ran, make sure to make the sprite move automatically to the default starting position before making the sprite move the 10 steps. Otherwise, the sprite will keep going until it is off the screen! So be sure to put everything where you want it and what status when ran so that it will return to starting position and status when ran.
That's about it. BYE!!!!!!!