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Save in Python

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If you want to save something in python, there are two ways you can go about it. One, is with pickle. I won't be covering that since it is a bit more complicated then the technique I use.
Ok, the first thing that you need to do is create a python file. Then a .txt file.
I named mine ‘save.txt’
In the python file, define the variables that you would like to save:

name = ‘forthethethethe’ fav_code = ‘python’ age = 12345 moo = ‘cow’

Alrighty, now we need to save these to the file. Define a function called ‘save()’

def save(): #open the file o = open(‘save.txt’, ‘w’) o.write(name + ‘ ‘ + fav_code + ‘ ‘ + str(age) + ‘ ‘ + moo) #make sure to close the file o.close()

Ok, so now we have our information in a file, how do we get it out? First, define a function called ‘load()’

def load(): #First we need to open up the file r= open(‘save.txt’, ‘r’) #now, we need to define a list that will hold the data save_list = #this should split the data into a list #now we’ll set the variables equal to the data we extracted from the file name = save_list[0] fav_code = save_list[1] age = int(save_list[2]) moo = save_list[3] #close the file r.close()

Now, we need to test if this works. First, we’ll set the variables to an input:

name = input(‘Name: ‘) fav_code = input(‘Favorite coding Language: ‘) age = input(‘How old are you? ’) moo = input(‘What animal moo’s? ‘)

We’ll input Bob for name, then Python, 45, and pig.
Then we’ll save the data:


Then load it:


Next we’ll check if it actually saved the data, we’ll print it out:

print(“Your name is: “ + name) print(“Your favorite coding language is: “ + fav_code) print(“Your age is: “ + str(age)) print(“A “ + moo + ‘ says moo’)


Your name is: Bob Your favorite coding language is: Python Your age is: 45 A pig says moo

So there you have it, a way to save a list of variables into a text file.
I hope you learned something, and if you didn’t, throw some rotten fruit then I hope you enjoyed reading this.
And if you want to see the repl, you can check it out here:

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Would this work for more than one save? Or would I need to do something else?

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is there a way to make it so every time it runs it makes a new line in the save file instead of replacing the text?

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Yes, just open the file in "append" mode. Instead of with open("file.txt", "w") use with open("file.txt", "a+")


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I tried this but it said "IndexError: list index out of range"

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This is a really old way of doing things, back when I didn't really know much. Now I suggest you use JSON


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bu- bu- json!