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Repl.it Authentication V2
Coder100 (16982)

Repl.it Authentication V2

So, my first tutorial v1 was pretty successful! I guess a lot of you like Express.js and it was even posted on the newsletter! Yay! This version comes back even better because we are going to use the ES6 of templating: mustache.js

TL;DR code and website


I first used pug, but I found out it wasn't the best to use, I mean, who wants to do this?

  // Bleah no formatting wah!

that's why I made the switch to mustache! It is similar to angular.js's template, which is good since I am familiar to that. One cool thing is that you can set up the engine to your own liking, so I made it render for all the .htm files! Now that's cool.

New updates

  • Added jsonstore.io game soo you can see how powerful repl.it's API is
  • Some more browser-based proofs! Just uncomment the code and hit ctrl+enter!
  • I made my own script for handling the repl.it API. Everything is sustainable now! Anyways, what makes my script better is that it is unopinionated like express and you can customize the iframe much better and have custom handlers and error handlers. Read the readme.md to get more information.


There isn't too much of a difference, I suggest you please look at the code: code and the original post

Deriving some important identities

This isn't trig class lol anyways uncomment line 57 to prove there are only 3 request headers (you could've just looked at the login prompt which told you what was going to be shared) and uncomment line 100 to prove that the headers are persistent. Suggest more proofs by commenting below ↓


code and website with the original post.

Ping me with questions if you are confused!

AgastyaSandhuja (172)

is there a way to authenticate by opening a new window because there is a glitch on my computer (a mac) and maybe other MacBooks where it asks to log in instead of authorizing, and when I do log in, it just takes me to my repls in a new tab and the original login tab is the same

Coder100 (16982)

yeah, that is a pretty bad glitch on ios ... this is a bug with repl.it @AgastyaSandhuja

AgastyaSandhuja (172)

mac os too @Coder100
but I found a different tutorial with a change so it's ok

Coder100 (16982)

yeah, try reporting it to bugs @AgastyaSandhuja

AgastyaSandhuja (172)

i did @Coder100
it's a problem too because then I can't log in into the surviv game :-(

AgastyaSandhuja (172)

speaking of which, could you change the authentication to new window to it to make it accessible to everyone @AgastyaSandhuja

AgastyaSandhuja (172)

I mean for the surviv game, change the repl.it login to new window so all users can access it so the mac users (like me) who don't get to log in can @Coder100
srry for being confusing if I am
let me put it in a small talk: surviv game repl auth new window pls

Coder100 (16982)

what do you mean by new window? @AgastyaSandhuja

AgastyaSandhuja (172)

new tab; it'll open the auth in a new tab in the browser. @Coder100

Coder100 (16982)

oh ok
how would that make a difference?
Wouldn't it open a new new tab? lol @AgastyaSandhuja

sojs (295)

Where is that tutorial.... [email protected]

MrEconomical (2288)

@Coder100 EEK! There was an error! Oh no! The error was: TypeError: Cannot read property 'score' of null

Coder100 (16982)

oh.... I'll check the db @MrEconomical

Coder100 (16982)

ok... seems like your account didn't get created @Coder100

Coder100 (16982)
// Let's check if the user has registered or not.
      if(data){ // If user exists
        // Do nothing
        return false;
        // Let's set up the user if he hasn't!
        store.write(username+"-"+id, {
          score: 0
      }```most likely this part the if statement is always true or something @Coder100 
MrEconomical (2288)

@Coder100 rapid fire messaging on repl talk be like

Coder100 (16982)

Ok I see the error smh jsonstore is freaking out again uggggggggh I'll have to switch to axios ); @MrEconomical

Coder100 (16982)

ikr idk why people say request is but like axios is so unopiniated @MrEconomical

Coder100 (16982)

lmao i made the script so quick im betting it wont work lol @MrEconomical