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Python Beginner Games Part 1: Quiz Game

Hi beginner guys! Today we are making a quiz game using python! Lets Get Started!

Make a new python repl and do the following Code I say.

Make a variable called score.

Type print("") and inside the quotes type a nice welcome to the game.

Then press enter and do this code:
question = input("What is 2+3?")
if question == 5:
score += 1
Repeat this code as much times as you want.

At the end do this code:
print('Your score is:', score)

And that is the end of our tutorial. See You Again Soon!
Inspirations by Basic Python Tutorial.


This tutorial has multiple issues. First of all the increment a variable, += should be used. You also failed to put indentation in the control flow and didn’t put a colon after else.