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Python Basics TUTORIAL..😎😎

Welcome to this basics python tutorial.

I will be covering

  • what is python?
  • print statement
  • variables
  • data types
  • math
  • if conditionals
  • loops
  • functions

In this first tutorial, I will be covering about what is python, __print__ statement and variables

So, what is python
python is a programming language just like other languages like C, C++, Go, Java.
python is very simple and easy to work with
python doesn't have complex syntax
python can be learnt by people who are beginners to programming

So, what is a print statement?

it is basically, a way of outputting text or something else likes emojis to the python console.

print('something....') # this is how you use a print statement in python

What are variables?

think of variables like a box to contain or store something

variables can store data types such as ints, floats, and something else.

If you want to store something to use it later, use variables

name_of_variable_here = 'some data' # this is how you declare a variable in python

print(name_of_variable_here) # printing the variable

More on data types coming in the next tutorial.

EpicGamer007 (1607)

... I do not think we need more python tutorials... and if you make one, don't make like 50 tiny ones please.

JBloves27 (1720)

ummm, that was VERY short.

JBloves27 (1720)

Maybe u want to add more?


@JBYT27 I will add more in the upcoming tutorials.