How to reduce your node repls size by 99% with one line of code!

do not use this in combination of the hidden files tutorial

So you may be aware that nodejs repls are loaded faster than python repls since python modules need to be downloaded on any start while nodejs modules are being stored. This comes with the disadvantage of nodejs repls using a lot more storage. If you don't want that, this tutorial will explain you how to make your projects use less storage

The tutorial bruh
1. create a .replit file
2. paste run="node&sleep 5;cp -r node_modules ..;rm -rf node_modules; mv package-lock.json ..; mv package.json ..;node index.js"
3. done

Or use this bash command:
echo 'run="node&sleep 5;cp -r node_modules ..;rm -rf node_modules; mv package-lock.json ..; mv package.json ..;node index.js"' > .replit

Let me know if i should make a tutorial on how to speed up python repls

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Ohh wait are you replying to my reply to ironblock?
Yeah I just mean like most tutorials that I see generally aren’t really thing that I don’t know about, they are just things I can’t do, ya know? But your tutorial was something I didn’t know about at all, so it was more valuable because even if I did want to learn it I wouldn’t be able to cause it wouldn’t exist. Idk if that makes sense but yeah...