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Object-oriented programming in Python
lolOOF (7)

While creating a tutorial for myself, I thought I could share this to everyone who wants to understand class and stuff like that in Python. I also rarely post in repl talk so idk how to create an article but I think this is fine.
Here is a popular tutorial you should check it out as mine is a mess:
Open this repl in a new tab, you can't see anything in main.py
Hope you can understand the OOP concept after reading this!

octopyBot (266)

wait so you didn't write a tutorial, you just pasted someone else's?

lolOOF (7)

@octopyBot sorry for late reply, i wrote the tutorial in a repl named OOP, you can click "open" at the top right corner of the IDE to see my repl tutorial

DynamicSquid (4639)

class Dynamic:


class Animal:


lolOOF (7)

@DynamicSquid whats wrong with class Dynamic? Or is it just a grammatical problem?

lolOOF (7)

@DynamicSquid i think i have answered my question