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Node.js 14
AvyAvocado (11)

3 days ago, Discord.js merged a pull request to the master branch that requires you to have Node.js 14.0.0 or newer in order to install the package.

While this is not the case for the stable branch and i don't use repl.it myself i noticed that there's no way to choose the node.js version in repl.it so i made a bash script that installs nvm and any node.js version that you want to your repl.


Si si pero, ¿Mi poto o el de Avi?

M1liti421 (0)

So where do i type nvm install 14, because i tried typing it and it says "bash: nvm: command not found"

Santi24 (0)

AvyAvocado no sé quién seas pero dejo mi proyecto a tu merced, que se haga la voluntad de lo que tu código desee

Jimbolo25 (0)

Me comi una rica salchipapa

RowanFromBJC (51)

Hey, I never knew you could do this!