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Game Hacking EP 1: Setting your health to any value.

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Episode 1 of game hacking

Finding Addresses and Modifying Values.

  1. Download Cheat Engine.
  2. Get into a game. Assault Cube is a good reference as they have no anticheat and it's a good game for testing out hacks and for beginners to mess around.
  3. Scan for a value by typing in the value you want into the value bar. Think reasonably. If your health is 100, you would search for 100. if your ammo was 30, you would scan for 30.
  4. You will see a lot of addresses pop up. Expect this.
  5. Have a friend shoot you or a bot, whatever. This is to reduce your health, which narrows down the addresses.
  6. Scan for your health. My health went down to 20 so i scan for 20. You should get your address. If not- repeat step 5 and scan again.
  7. Modify the value to anything you would like. Now you have a super simple health cheat

Next episode will be on how you can keep that value on a certain amount (god mode) using c++.

Note: don't expect this to work on games like valorant or csgo. This is just a super simple cheat on a game with no anticheat and has not been updated since like 2012. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

If you wonder why i make cheats, it's a super fun way to practice your problem solving skills and the c++ language. Normally i play legit but eh making cheats is fun.

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