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Multiplication Quiz

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Can anyone help me with this project?

Write a Java application program that will help an elementary school student learn multiplication. Use a Random object to produce two positive one digit integers. The program should then prompt the user with a question, such as
How much is 6 times 7?
The student then inputs the answer. Next, the program checks the student’s answer. If it is correct, display one of the following the messages and ask another multiplication question.

Responses to a correct answer:
Very good! 2. Excellent! 3. Nice work! 4. Keep up the good work!
If the answer is wrong, display one of the following message the messages and also provide a correct answer.

Responses to an incorrect answer:
No. Please try again. 2. Wrong. Try once more. 3. Don't give up! 4. No. Keep trying.

You could use random-number generation to choose a number from 1 to 4 that will be used to select an appropriate response to each answer and use a switch statement to issue the responses.

After the user enter -1 to exit the program. The program should print out all the questions, answers to those questions, remark to the wrong questions, statistics information about number of questions answered and answered incorrect, and a little remark. If the user has more than one third of the questions are wrong the remark should randomly choose from “Responses to an incorrect answer”, otherwise it should randomly choose from “Responses to a correct answer”

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The multiplication quiz is an easy multiple choice quiz that can be used to determine how well you know your multiplication facts. To start, you will answer a series of questions about the multiplication tables. If you correctly answer a question, the next question will show up. I would recommend you to read free essays at website before taking quiz because in this way you would have a lot of knowledge before answering any type of question.