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I am alive

I have been going through some things for those of you who didn't know. I love ya'll man.

I wanted to get into some tips on how to think when programming.

Stay on topic

If you constantly veer off into another thing due to distraction when programming then try to come back to thinking. Remember why you started and eliminate distractions. Especially for those of you who work.

Structure ideas

Think of one thing at a time when constructing a project.
If you try to build a house and don't think of where to start and just jump at it then you will find yourself breaking things and having the foundation topple. Find a good starting place and build from there. Know how a concept works as much as you can before you execute on it. You wouldn't shoot a ruger without knowing how it works now would you?


Do everything with a clear mind. Do not do anything that attracts distress. Anything that you do that keeps you up at night will slow you down. Most of you are good little boys however. If you have a clear mind then nothing emotionally can slow you down. This applies to anything you do. (including programming) Thankfully alot of you haven't had a troubled past so you have nothing but the future ahead of you.

Thanks for reading.
Ask me questions for any concerns or inquiries.
I'm out


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