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Marquee tag
Bookie0 (6294)

Hello everyone and welcome to a short very small html tutorial of one thing

I just wanted to show y’all this little cool thing in html that I learnt from @Zuhdi28

I am sure most of you probably already know of it, but to those who dont, here it is.

It is called the <marquee> tag.

Basically, it just makes the text scroll sideways. I personally think its super cool, and you can also customize so that the text has different colors and fonts.
On the repl i shared, go to the style page and you will see how i customized it a bit.

Here is just the marquee tag code:

<marquee>text over here</marquee>

That’s all.

Anyways i hope this helped you, and have a great day!


hehe you take from me!
but no problem
also you are close to 1000 cycles!

Bookie0 (6294)

Thanks! Oh yeah sorry I didn’t mention you I’m gonna now! @Zuhdi28


@Bookie0 hehe, np


@Bookie0 you should learn javascript
it's cool!
your websites will be so cool!
Just a tip!
:) :D ;)

Bookie0 (6294)

Yeah, maybe I’m gonna look at your codes on the Nonsence website, and try to learn some stuff.. hehe @Zuhdi28


@Bookie0 LOL! cool idea to learn!

NoelB33 (351)

now make a <blink> tutorial

Bookie0 (6294)

What does blink do? I tried it but it doesn’t do anything @NoelBryan

NoelB33 (351)

Yeah, because nobody ever uses it anymore, just google the tag. Now, it doesn’t even work anymore. @Bookie0

Bookie0 (6294)

Oh what a shame because it would be cool to just have a small code for a cool thing @NoelBryan

Bookie0 (6294)

Yeah I just googled it and it says that it’s kinda discontinued; like it doesn’t work anymore :( @NoelBryan

NoelB33 (351)

You can use css to make a blink anyways @Bookie0

TheForArkLD (770)

@Bookie0 blink tag is dead now
use this to use blink

<script src="https://blink.theforarkld.repl.co/script.js"></script>