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Make beautiful blogs with just markdown files!
CoolCoderSJ (509)

Make your own blog using just MD files

(Yes, no need to learn html coding to make your own blog.)


Make sure you have

  • A repl.it account (Preferred)
  • A Github account


Example here

  • Make a new Github Repository, and preferrably keep it empty.

  • Import the Repo to Repl.it

  • Add an index.md file

  • Inside of your index.md file, add this code -

  • Now, add a _config.yml file

  • Add this code to it and edit as necesary

theme: minima
title: My Blog
author: <ur name>
email: <ur email>
description: > 
  description here
# social links
github_username:  <username here> # DO NOT include the @ character, or else the build will fail!

show_excerpts: true # set to false to remove excerpts on the homepage

The github_username is not required.

  • Make a folder called _posts

    • This is where your posts will go
  • Add this file to it - YEAR-MM-DD-Title-of-post.md

  • Add this base code to it

title: "Post Title"
date: 2020-12-19


### Post Title

content here

Now commit changes. Repeat these steps every time you make a new post.

  • Commit all of your changes to Github.

  • Go to Github Settings

  • Scroll Down, to Gitub Pages

  • Select branch as main, and folder as /(root)

  • Then, wait for a few minutes. If you check back later, it should be green and it will show you a link to your blog.

  • To add a post, repeat above post steps, site automatically updates.

To use a custom domain

To use a custom domain, add a file called CNAME. The CNAME file should have only your domain. When setting up the domain, set the CNAME DNS Record as <github username>.github.io

Hope this helped!