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Links to all My Tutorials And a 2021 Update
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Setting Up your First Discord Bot

Instructions for Intructions:

NUMBER 1: It won't work if you just run it

Actual Instructions

  1. Head over to Discord Developers Portal (https://discord.com/developers/applications)
  2. Sign In with your discord account
  3. On the top right, Select New Application
  4. Give your application a name.(Doesn't need to be the bots name)
  5. On the Left-hand-side menu, go to Bots and Select Build-A-Bot.
  6. Create a name - This will be the name of your bot so get a unique one
  7. Under the bots name, copy the token.(Don't Share this with anyone)
  8. Select OAuth2 under the left-hand-side menu
  9. Under Scopes choose bot and under Bot Permissions choose Administrator
  10. Copy the link generated and paste it in your browser. This is to invite the bot to your server.(You need Admin Roles to invite your bot)
  11. Once you are finished, you should see your bot pop up under members of your server
  12. Go back to the Bot Page and Select Copy under the token section
  13. Come back to replit.com and Select Secrets (Enviroment Variables) at the left most side of your project
  14. Set the key name to bot_token and the value to the copied string. (Should be a string random characters)
  15. You are almost done with the setup. However, there a few things you need to understand before you change.
  16. Go to My Updated 2021 Tutorial on almost everything there is to learn. Have Fun

Tutorial links

Devleoper Mode - https://replit.com/talk/learn/Getting-Into-Discord-Developer-Mode/46493

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Tutorial 5 - https://replit.com/talk/learn/How-to-Make-A-Discord-Bot-Part-5/46500

Tutorial 6 - https://replit.com/talk/learn/How-to-Make-A-Discord-Bot-Part-6/46662

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