How to get dark theme || No extensions or JS injecting || School computer friendly
EpicGamer007 (1607)

How to get dark theme on microsoft edge without downloading any extensions

Edit: It actually works on chrome as well, go down to end

For mods: (Most other tutorials are with extensions and I could not find any without extensions so I made this to help those people with school computers where extensions are blocked)

Ever been browsing through repl, or any website and have been blinded by that white screen?

I am being blinded every single time:

So annoying

Well you say, "Oh, what a simple fix! Just get an extension you noob"

Well for the people who use a school computer sometimes(like me), getting an extension is not an option:

So what is the easy fix?

Well for microsoft users like me, you should have microsoft edge installed on your device.
(You should be able to do it with chrome as well)

Microsoft edge has some "experimental" features you can test out (This link will only work on edge)

Chrome has it too! (This link will only work on chrome)

One of the features is a force dark-theme option. Right here: edge://flags/#enable-force-dark. For chrome: here: chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark

Once you click on it, you should see this:

From there, you can see a "Force Dark Mode for Web Contents"

Click on the dropdown menu next to that label and select Enabled:

Then this should come up on the bottom of your screen:

Press the restart button and wait for it to load again.

After that, every webpage you go to should be dark theme! Heaven for your eyes:

Here is a pic of google:

Here is a pic of the repl editor(Set to light theme):

Here is a pic of the repl editor(Set to dark theme):


  • Do at your own risk. Not my fault if anything happens
  • There are a bunch of other stuff you could do with the test features
  • I know there are a bunch of other tutorials about this, but none of them are without extensions or js injecting(which most sites now prevent)
  • If you really do want to want to inject js, try this. Credit to @AmazingMech2418 for the comment(Sorry if ping annoyed you). But it is obviously the hardest method as it requires you to write the js code, this does result in it being more customizable, but tougher and as said before, many sites have scripts in place to prevent that.

Yea thats all! I hope you all learned something and I hope this will help you in the future!

EDIT: CHROME ACTUALLY HAS THIS FEATURE, go here and follow the tutorial exactly with this!

EDIT: links to place to set this setting do not work on replit. Copy paste instead

  • Edge: edge://flags/#enable-force-dark
  • Chrome chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark
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EpicGamer007 (1607)

@Jeydin21 oh yea sorry. ok so if this does not work... did you go to this link? chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark