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I'm doing Wes Bos' JS30 live using Repl.it - and you can join me

I've always been passionate about teaching. (About 10+ years of it!)
And I've been meaning to complete Wes Bos' JS30 for a while.

Every time I bring up JS30, people go, "It's awesome" but then go, "I never finished it."

Rather than do it alone, I decided to use my background in online education to build a MVP where we go through JS30 together! I'm using Repl.it as a website: A info site for accountability/dates.

And I'll be using Repl.it during this live sessions as well, which I'm very excited about!

So for the next from Sept 17, 2019 to Dec 27, 2019 - you can join me in completing Wes Bos JS30 together!
More background details here.

For a deeper background Of what I am doing: (https://dev.to/rockykev/i-m-doing-js30-but-live-and-i-built-something-so-we-can-do-this-together-3i36)

Or just want the details: (https://rk-live-lets-learn-it-together-js30.rockykev.repl.co/)


please teach me