HTML Tutorial 1 part

So you are in HTML tutorial.

The default code that you see in html repl is this:

About JavaScript and CSS we talk in other post.

Yeah cool but i want to know more!

Okay! There list of headings>

You can also just type text, but the paragraph tag can set the class or id of it (Requies for CSS).

You will see this as

The <main> tag is useless, So we skip it.

How to do bold and italic text?

For bold text you need to use tag <strong>.

For italic you need CSS.

Example of <strong> tag

It very looks like text type of headings.

Do you want to make buttons?


Use tag <button> for buttons.


It will show like this:

Having problems like this?

Then use the <br> tag!


You will see this with br tag.

This been first part.

Bye! The next part is soon!

Check the full page at

Also if i did something wrong then comment it.

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I really honestly feel like this is cycle squeezing. Make a whole tutorial please.