How to use and setup UptimeRobot
badvillain01 (98)

What is UptimeRobot?

Uptime Robot is all about helping you to keep your websites up. It monitors your websites every 5 minutes and alerts you if your sites are down.

its 100% free
It will keep your server up until your server ran into problems.

For more info click here

UptimeRobot setup

Once you log into your UptimeRobot account.

Go to Dashboard (default screen for uptimerobot is dashboard)
To add new link. Click Add New Monitor

Once you click that.
This Screen will popup

Now Select Monitor type HTTP(s).

Make sure type is HTTP(s) not ping or other

Now details popped up
like these

For Friendly Name enter what would you like to call your Monitor.
For URL (or IP) enter your web server link.

if you're using repl, it should look like this, but with your repl name.

For Monitoring Interval, I'll suggest leaving it to the default value.

Now if you have all the info done. your page should look like this

Now you also have this box:

This means that if you select this, and your server is down or ran into any problems. UptimeRobot will alert you by sending an email.
I suggest you add alert notify

Now click Create Monitor
You have successfully created a monitor. Now your server will stay online, even if you're not running your code.

On your dashboard, your monitor will appear.

as you see, it showing that your server is down.
Your server is not down. To fix this just give it 1-2 min and reload your page.

There you go! Your Monitor is running.

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gerile3 (0)

I know this is old post but can someone link me or elaborate how does this work ? I mean how does this uptimerobot makes repl work or keep it running thanks.

Amvil0921Roblox (0)

Try getting another link of the code, maybe you make a code with a non login account

Jeydin21 (101)

@gerile3 Basically, keeps a site online for 5 minutes and then turns it off when no one's using it to conserve computing power. Uptime Robot basically pings the server every 5 minutes to keep it online.
TL;DR: Uptime Robot yells at the site to keep it online every 5 minutes.