What to do if the Link Domain button doesn't work

Hey there,

If you've tried linking a domain before, you may know that the Link Domain button sometimes doesn't work, about a 50/50 chance.

In this post I'm going to show you how to make it work.

Click the pencil icon to begin adding a domain.

2) Fill out all the required fields such as entering your domain and giving the CNAME record to a service such as Cloudflare.

3) Now you need to wait for it find the domain, make sure to turn of any domain proxy. It can take up to 48 hours, but it usually takes under an hour. (for cloudflare make sure the orange cloud is gray*.)

4) When the link domain button pops up, spam it, spam it really fast, and after about 10 seconds of mass spam clicking the button, it should attach, and you've got a domain!


Note: If you get the following error, try again in another couple hours.

If you'd like to test out this method but don't have a domain, you can get one from Freenom or I can provide you with a free subdomain just for this.

Best of luck,


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I found a few things wrong with this post, and thought that I'd point them out.
1. Cloudflare's domain doesn't need to be grey. In fact, I think Orange is better, as you get Cloudflare's benefits
2. You do not need to "spam the link domain button"
3. A 50/50 chance is complete nonsense. Coincidentally, I made a tutorial on custom domains myself. It tells you the best way to set up a custom domain with Replit, Freenom and Cloudflare.