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Basic Javascript Calculator

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Alright guys, it is finally here! The JS Calculator! Here is my step by step guide on how to create your own! I even have the repl for the full source!

What I Did First

First I started with HTML5 and hovered over to CSS3. For HTML5 I did the basic starter code for HTML. So I basically threw a bunch of code in there. Then I added the calculator numbers to start.

Moving On

I added CSS3 colors and more to make it look like the full red and white calculator.


I also added a script.js which was pretty basic and easy! Check out the full source and you can even take it if you want! Thanks for viewing this. Hope you enjoyed! Bye :)

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I am also looking for Javascript Calculator to manage my work and am glad to know your team working on it. The brillassignment reviews also looking for some quick updates on this project.