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How to use embedded code!
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How to use Embedded code!

Today you will learn how to use embedded code!

The lesson!

What is embedded code?
Embedded code is a project or quiz or anything that is coded as a website! You can embed it onto a website with a bit of HTML!

I will be using my game, Block racers spooky edition, and turning it into a embedded code! It looks like this:

<iframe src="" name="Block Racers!" scrolling="No" height="500px" width="750px" style="border:4px solid #000000;"></iframe>

It may look like a LOT of code, but dont worry! I will be explaining what each bit does!

iframe - This is the frame in which your little game or something will go in!

src - This is probably what makes most of the embedded code, just put in your website's URL, and there! You just made your very first embedded code! But were not there yet! You may have to make a few changes to make it look nice!

The rest of the code is just some CSS styling, it makes your embedded code look nice! Im sure you understand the CSS

If you dont want to do any of that, then just click Here to do it easily!


Ok, maybe this tutorial was useless when I mentioned the website that makes the embedded code. Anyway, I hope this helps! And check out the embedded code below!

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I am unable to embed my repl..

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