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How to use Repl.it in VR 🥽 🖥️
21natzil (1175)

Hello replitors! Welcome to the Matrix!

Because Repl.it is run in the browser, you can run Repl.it anywhere you want. This includes virtual reality. To complete the tutorial there are a few things you'll need:


  • A phone, either iOS or Android. Older phones may struggle.
  • A phone VR headset, you can use google cardboard or some other plastic headset, the choice is yours.
  • A wireless controller, like a Bluetooth mouse or Bluetooth keyboard. If you don't have this then get a VR headset that can tap the screen.

Also, thank you @eekboi for the inspiration for this tutorial!


The app we're going to be using is called Vuplex. It's a free browser app that runs in VR, and hence will be able to run Repl.it.

Attach your phone to the headset. If the headset gives you the option, move, and focus the lenses so that your vision isn't blurred.

If you attached a keyboard, type "repl.it" into the browser. If you didn't, use the keyboard displayed at the bottom and press each key to type in "repl.it". If you have a wireless mouse this shouldn't be an issue, but if not, make sure your headset has a screen tapping capability.

Then scroll down on the Repl.it website and click "start coding". Then select the language, make the repl, and you're on your way!

In the end

Do we expect people to use repl.it in VR? No, but we're not going to stop you either. We've seen people use Repl.it in crazy places, from their smart refrigerator to their Xbox. Where you use Repl.it is entirely up to you. Coding is no longer limited by your machine, but by your imagination.

eekboi (287)

Glad I could inspire the idea! I'm sorry i couldn't get some good screenshots of it but it was worth a shot! Turns out typing with VR controllers isn't so easy. I also find it hilarious that an idea that I had fueled an entire tutorial. Good luck to everyone trying to do this feat!

21natzil (1175)

@eekboi That's true! I'll add a credit to you!

eekboi (287)

@21natzil Alright, sounds lovely! Also what headset are you using?

eekboi (287)

@eekboi If anyone is interested, here's a screenshot i got from the headset!

DynamicSquid (4622)

Coding is no longer limited by your machine, but by your imagination.

Nope, no, that's actually not true cause I don't have an imagination

DabDatBass (13)

This also means a ton of other websites are in VR now uwu

Coder100 (17038)

awesome but i dont have one...

eekboi (287)

@DynamicSquid Only real gamers use oculus chocolate milk.

DynamicSquid (4622)

@eekboi lol! wait how did you even find this this is like a month old

eekboi (287)

@DynamicSquid I looked at my repl mentions.

HahaYes (1861)

@Highwayman is that thanos in a sailor's cap?

Highwayman (1441)

This! See this is why I’ll never get tired of this place! Lol! Alright boys time to make replit 3D! XD

aGlitchyFox (2)

@Highwayman happened to scratch and now replit.... 3d madlads always find a way

DungeonMaster00 (184)

@aGlitchyFox they do. luckily, we have the real programming with 3D stuff, not just fake scratch blocks

aGlitchyFox (2)

@nk1rwc scratch is supposed to be simple, and easy to use. wasnt making 3d in a 2d only platform hard enough? just because it may seem like its just blocks, its still a development platform.

DungeonMaster00 (184)

@aGlitchyFox you're right about the development platform part. just think they're pushing it by calling it an actual programming language.

now if they had a scratch console (not web console) and also an option to make a scratch project where it was a real language where you type up all the characters instead of use blocks still and had all the other features (like sprites and backdrops, for example), then they could technically call it a legit programming language.

it would probably look something like this (without syntax highlighting)

when ran: --this is a comment
  repeat 10 {
    go to random position;
    play sound meow until done;

multiline comment


when this sprite clicked:
  forever {
    change color effect by 25;
    play sound meow until done;

scratch equivalent:

p.s. they could also add official 3D blocks and tools if technical limitations don't get in the way. that would make 3D madlads' lives easier.
aGlitchyFox (2)

@nk1rwc yeah, i agree with that part too

potatojs (844)

wow! that is cool!