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🌿 How to use Parsley on repl.it 🌿
TheForArkLD (770)

How to use(install) Parsley on repl.it

🌿 looks not parsley

Ok, time for install.

  1. Make Bash repl
  2. Write it to main.sh
wget -q https://mything.theforarkld.repl.co/Parsley/parsley -O parsley
wget -q https://mything.theforarkld.repl.co/Parsley/DOCS.md -O DOCS.md
chmod +x parsley
  1. Make main.psy
  2. Choose compiler or interpreter
  3. Add it to main.sh
    If you want to use compiler:

    ./parsley compile-clang main.psy

    If you want to use interpreter:

    ./parsley main.psy
    • Compiler is slow but compiled program can be ran on other computer / repl
    • Interpreter is fast but you must install Parsley to other computer / repl when you run program
  4. Enjoy!

TNakasuji (0)

How do I make main.psy?

DynamicSquid (4914)

Oh, for the compiler, it generates a elf file, so it can't be run on Windows right?

TheForArkLD (770)

@DynamicSquid If you install or installed WSL then, you can run it.

EpicGamer007 (1736)

@DynamicSquid parsley is @TheForArkLD 's language. like how u made Night(Super cool), he made one. Also one question, where did you learn so much C++?I would love to try lang dev but I only know the basics of C++ :(

DynamicSquid (4914)

@TheForArkLD Awesome! Love how you made a compiler and interpreter that's really neat!

@EpicGamer007 Well when I started out, I had a C++ book to help me. I finished it in ~10 months (reading it while doing school, so that's why it took a while), and after that, I just started coding in C++ as much as I could.

EpicGamer007 (1736)

@DynamicSquid ok nice, which book did you use?

EpicGamer007 (1736)

@DynamicSquid also i found out you can make an interpreter in java but it is slow lol: https://craftinginterpreters.com/

EpicGamer007 (1736)

@DynamicSquid noice tthanks for the info. i will look for the latest edition lol

EpicGamer007 (1736)

This is really cool! One question, which language did you make this in?

realTronsi (926)

Interpreter is faster than the compiler??

TheForArkLD (770)

@realTronsi yes
compiling time is rly long