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How to setup a .replit file to make an HTTP Server with Ruby.
V3rmillionNet (53)

Hey guys! So not a while ago i had this problem that i did not know how to set up my http server imported from github.

I found a solution, but it might not be the best.

  1. Import your favorite github repo. In this case i am importing a simple template i found on github.

Once you have located your index.html or name.html we'll set up the .replit file using ruby.

Now once you run you'll have a little http server.

Im soon making one that can directly access to your HTML file using TWISTD (Python)

twistd -n web -p 8000 --path . 


ruby -run -ehttpd . -p8000

Also where it says run, its a simple bash command.


I also might do more little tutorials for different languages.

V3rmillionNet (53)

Just realised this is in the wrong section