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How to make a sharex bot

Hello today im going to be showing how to make a sharex bot sharex is a image uploading service, if your are like me on chromebook or just cant download it i have a free alternative.


Step 1. Put your bot token in line 8

Step 2. Go to the website https://sxcu.net find a url choose to make it private or public you can use it to shorten urls or upload images download the .sxcu you can use any url if you choose private where it says token on line 15 put your token in side the "" If you are using a 3rd party image host and it doesnt use a token and uses a key replace the word token with key and put your key in side the ""

Step 3. once you do that on line 24 and 26 in line 24 put the role id you would like to be able to use the bot and in line 26 put a channel id you want all your uploads to be logged to i use this so i know if people are spamming my bot

Step 4. to run in replit console type pip install -r requirements.txt after that is done type python main.py if it works it should say connected to api

If it doesnt write a comment and i will get back to you asap