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How to make a imageboard
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This can be a template I guess?

Make your own PHP Imageboard


So here is what you will need.

  • Something to host your site (Repl works, But anything can do as long it can run PHP your good.)
  • Know some php
  • Some time

What do i need?

The 2chan script do not worry we have it here. Just fork this this and the code in assests is what you need. It really is
FutabaWall script but that is fork and translation of Futaba, 2chan/Futaba Channel's original imageboard script.

Why 2chan script

Ok the main reason why we are using it is how you can mod it to the way you want such as adding
new stuff to it to make it way better. Such as making it to have image reply.
Add way better stuff I mean it it will really cool stuff to this old script from 2003.

Here is what I will add in my free time after I get up with school and you can do it as well.

  • Way better posting stuff like replys
  • Stickys
  • Better admin panel
  • Image reply
  • And a file board (I will work on this on my REPL CHANNEL I made)

Lets start doing this

Have your index.php be up to you.

Go on line 14
and line 21

define("TITLE", 'FutabaWall Imageboard'); define("ADMIN_PASS", 'admin_pass');

these are the lines change your title and Admin Pass.
Now you could be done here if you really want to.

Now we will go add more stuff that you do not have to do but it will do good
for you.

define("DISP_ID", 0);
if(!$name){ $name="Anonymous"; }

Go on line 696
If you don't want to default name to be Anonymous change that stuff to what you want.

Go one line 31 for this and change this to 1. What this will do is everytime a user makes a new
thread it gives the OP and ID for that thread. I would use it but you don't need it

define("IMG_DIR", 'src/'); define("THUMB_DIR",'thumb/');

Mess with this if you want to. I mean Don't do it if you really don't care about this.

Now go to line 1245

<span style="left: 0px; font-size: 12pt;">[<a href="../a/index.html">a</a> / <a href="/b/index.html">b</a> / <a href="../c/index.html">c</a> / <a href="/m/index.html">m</a> / <a href="../w/index.html">w</a>]</span><span style="position: absolute;

Now use this if you have more then one board change the url part of the folder to where
your other boards are at. This will be the last of help Due to just go out and look at
code and mess with that stuff.

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I have made so many imageboards with your repl channel code, and I just wanted to say thank you. It's what got me into coding, so yeah.....

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Hey this is epicgamer8, on a different account and man glad to see bro what's your discord