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How to make a good website(assuming you know the basics)

This shows how to make a good website, step by step. Note that I’m not going to teach you the code part, just how to make a good website on Repl.it.

1. Getting the Idea

To make a website, you have to get the idea of what the website is and does. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:
What do people want?
Has anybody made it before?
Important: Please never copy another’s work. This can be offensive and can cause trouble.

2. Sketching It Out

Now that we got the idea, we need to think of how our website should look like. Get a notebook and make a sketch of your website. Remember to note down what happens when the user puts in input(What happens when you press that button?)

3. Making the Website

After all that work, we can make our website now! I’m not going to write anything about the making of a website, as I assume you already know. But if you’re new, I recommend this tutorial.

4. Get People’s Attention

We’ve made our website, so what’s next? Well, we need people to look at our website. On Repl.it, you can write a new post in share about your website in the “Share” tab(or if the website is a contest entry, the “Challenge” tab.)

5. Done!

You have now made a good website! I would love to see the websites you made using this, so post links to websites that you made below in the comments!


how do you add a website link lol im a noob at html




Sketching things out beforehand is a good way to get a feel for how you want your site to look, and it provides a good reference point for when you are creating the actual site.
Great post. I wish more people knew about these steps :)


Thank you! @niorg2606