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How to download and install Python on your Computer ?
setsurjeet (10)

Hello friends, hope you guys are doing well, myself Surjeet Pradhan I'm a student of 11th standard, and I'm back again with something new.
So, friends today I'll tell you how to download Python on your Computer and something that you have to make sure of that, they are done or not.


First Step

If you're deciding to download the latest and most upgraded version of python (Current Version - 3.8.5) and run it very smoothly then, make sure that your computer is upto these benchmarks:-
-> 4/8 GB RAM
-> 64/86 bit Operating System
-> 2 GB Graphic Card
-> Intel i5 7th Gen or greater processor
-> Windows 10, Mac OS X, and almost any OS

You can also download and run Python on a Computer having lower benchmarks than these but you might face some difficulties and issues while installing and running it.

Second Step

-> Click on the given link or go to official website of python :- Python.org
-> A window like this will appear, then click on the Downloads button.

-> After clicking on Downloads button, a window like this will appear then, select you desired OS.

-> After selecting your desired OS, a window like this will appear then, select your desired version according to your computer.

Third Step

If you're learning Python only as a hobby not with the vision of developer or programmer, then I'll say Python itself is sufficient for you but, if you want to develop or program with the help of Python then I'll say you must download an IDE software (Integrated Development Environment). In my recommendation PyCharm is the best IDE for a Python beginner or learner. Steps to download PyCharm are given below:-
-> Click on the given link or go to official website of PyCharm :-JetBrains.PyCharm
-> A window like this will appear, then click on any of the Downloads button.

-> A window like this will appear, then download the Community Version instead of the Professional one because the Professional Version only provide a trial of 7 days, after the trial period it will be of no use unless you get subscribed to it.

Here, the downloading process finishes and the installation process starts.


First Step

Once you have chosen and downloaded an installer, simply run it by double-clicking on the downloaded file. A dialog should appear that looks something like this:

Important: You want to be sure to check the box that says Add Python 3.x to PATH as shown to ensure that the interpreter will be placed in your execution path.

Then just click Install Now. That should be all there is to it. A few minutes later you should have a working Python 3 installation on your system.

Hope you guys liked my blog, please don't forget to vote and comment below.

Guys, please stay connected with me because within a few days I'll be starting tutorials of Python language. The Title of the tutorial blogs will be "Learning Python with learner"

Thanks to all

CodeLongAndPros (1633)

Why do you need a tutorial? Just use it, it comes preinstalled in ANY good operating system with an array of editors for it.

FishingFights (202)

@CodeLongAndPros most new coders don't understand the inferiority of windows compared to lunix when it comes to development especially in py.

CodeLongAndPros (1633)

@FishingFights Serously. I install Arch, pacstrapping Vim in b/c it's amazing, and I've already got about three ways of editing a file.



Nice tutorial! Added to my good posts list!

setsurjeet (10)

thanks @eekboi but this post is still in progression


@setsurjeet Even the more reason.

setsurjeet (10)

@eekboi coz i haven't described intallation yet

CodeLongAndPros (1633)

Uh why?
Just do pacstrap /mnt base base-devel linux linux-firmware