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How to code a .replit


.replit files can probably be the toughest for developers that use Replit heavily. You mainly have to code them when you clone from GitHub. I can show how to make one from scratch. .replitthon is actually simpler than you might think!

So, what you need is a repl and this guide.

Choosing a language

Choosing a language can be weird. They use weird "Language IDs" like python3. Now, the IDs come from replit.com/languages/<ID> links. I made this which generates a list of those IDs. Make sure to check which one that you want to use because for example python is Python 2. python3 is Python 3. Note that Replit will show the language after a reload, however. Now that you have got the ID, it's time to add it. First, make a file called ".replit". Then put this in the file:


Adding the run command

This is the last step. Say it's a Python 3 app and the main script is main.py. The command would be python3 main.py. Or a Lua script, lua main.lua. So, all we have to do is add this to our .replit and we're almost done!:

run      = "<INTERPRETER> <FILE>"

A lot of the time, the interpreter is the ID and vice versa. Also, if you are using a language that does not have the file pane on the left, it's typically main.EXTENSION. You can look up the extension on Google, but except for Java. That uses Main.java.


If you for some reason need to add a comment in a .replit file, it's the exact same in Python. Just a hashtag and a space. So here is a comment:

# This just for a demo.


You should have a .replit file looking like this:

# Comment
language = "python3"
run      = "python3 main.py"
DynamicSquid (4891)

This is a little inaccurate:

run      = "<INTERPRETER> <FILE>"

What if it's a compiled language?

So more specifically, run takes in a bash command.

It should also be important to note that .replit changes the way the RUN button works. The bash command you give run is the command that is executed when you hit the RUN button


gcc main.c && ./a.out@DynamicSquid

Th3Coder (129)


Also, you might want to fix python3 main.lua... Other than that, nice job! :)


fixed @Th3Coder


BTW, I use Arch @Th3Coder

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